About Me

My name is Kelsi, a.k.a. Koofie, and I invite you to join me and my family on our journey to learn about how our everyday choices impact our environment and what we can do to live more naturally. Natural living is not something that happens automatically; it is a process to change that requires a concerted effort to make eco-friendly choices in everything we do. We strive to do our part and help others learn to live a more natural lifestyle.

Koofie is the nickname given me by my brother as I was growing up. While still too young to correctly pronunciate my name, my baby brother came up with “Kesi” which somehow manifested into “Koofie” and eventually stuck. Only those that know me best call me Koofie – they are the people that have seen me migrate to a “greener,” more eco-friendly lifestyle. Welcome to my inner circle, where I share all the things I learn to help others make less of an impact on the planet. You can learn from my trials and errors!  Besides “greening” myself, I love gardening, reading, spending time with my family, and I’m even learning to like housekeeping and cooking.

I live in near Frederick Maryland on a farm, about an hour from where I grew up near Washington DC.  My family is made up of myself, my two daughters, our Australian Shepherd, Rory, and our cats, Tigger and Titus. In “real life” I’m a homeschooling mom and flower farmer.

I love hearing from you so please leave a comment to any post that catches your eye or e-mail me!