Learning Through Experience

At dinner tonight, my 9-year-old daughter Ari asked me what my kids worked on in class today. I told her they were reviewing for a quiz and when she inquired on the topic, I replied they were going to take a Suspense Quiz that included finding foreshadowing (among other things) in a story. She didn’t […]


I take notes when I want to remember something, partially because the process of writing helps the information “stick” and partially because I forget things… easily. As I arrived at the Mother Earth News Festival, I realized I hadn’t brought anything to write on. Desperately I dug through my school bag (which I had brought […]

Spooky Bag

While browsing one of my favorite green e-tailers Nubius Organics earlier this week, I found this awesome Limited Edition Halloween-themed Chico Bag! I love Chico bags and I love Halloween, so this bag is perfect for me. What better way to remember the fun of Halloween than to use the bag year round?

Coming Soon!

Please join us for the official launch of Koofie’s Natural Living coming in the first few weeks of July!¬†We look forward to bringing you natural product reviews, information on living green and improving our planet, saving energy and much, much more! Stay tuned!