How to No-Poo

No-poo is a slang term for washing your hair without shampoo. You may choose to do it because the ingredients in shampoo can be toxic to you or the environment or just because it leaves your hair more natural and healthy. To begin, assemble your ingredients. The first few times it is helpful to put […]

Did You Know?

Scratch your head; but don’t draw blood!  If you see white under your fingernails, you have scratched off sebum. A gland next to our hair follicles produce sebum naturally as a method for helping to protect the hair itself and the scalp. Sebum is a waxy ester; similar to ear wax (ew, I know). When […]

Gonna Wash That ‘Poo Right Outa My Hair

No-poo. What exactly does that mean? It is actually the “slang” team for washing your hair without shampoo. Yes, it is actually something people do! I was first introduced to the concept a few years ago but never tried it.  At the time I wasn’t ready to actually stop using my chemical-laden shampoo even if […]