Real Life Math

Today, Ari’s math didn’t come from a book or a worksheet. Instead she budgeted for a shopping trip and made the purchases for our family! It was a busy afternoon; we planned to go to the library (free!) and then we needed to visit the farmer’s market, BJ’s, Michaels, the grocery store and a local farm […]

Review of Lunchopolis lunchbox

As a self-proclaimed “green mom,” I knew I couldn’t let my daughter Ari start Kindergarten with a lunch packed in disposable containers. I set out to look for a lunch system that was safe and healthy for her and eco-friendly. I was really impressed with the Lunchopolis system when I saw it. Consisting of a […]

I Can Eat My Weight in Food Each Day

What am I? My babies look like very small versions of me. I love moisture (80-90%), but I also require oxygen. For my home, area is most important. I don’t care so much about the height of my ceilings. My eggs look like tiny straw-colored lemons One pound of my friends and I usually contains 1000 individuals. I can significantly […]

Spaghetti and Romas

What do you do with twenty ripe Roma tomatoes? Make sauce! Today I used my harvest to make a fresh tomato sauce for our spaghetti dinner. It took some time but the end result was superb! First, I rinsed all of the tomatoes. Next, I put 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil in a pan and […]

But They’re Blue!

I’ve always thought there was something wrong with eating blue or purple colored food. I admit it. Eggplant? Ew.  Figs? Ick. Blueberries? No way. I was biased! I had my exceptions; grapes and plums were good, but they’re really dark red. All of that changed on Tuesday. If you read my post Tuesday, we went […]