Real Life Math

Today, Ari’s math didn’t come from a book or a worksheet. Instead she budgeted for a shopping trip and made the purchases for our family! It was a busy afternoon; we planned to go to the library (free!) and then we needed to visit the farmer’s market, BJ’s, Michaels, the grocery store and a local farm […]

MENF Wrap-up: Overview

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend the Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs, PA. This is my second year attending and I am hooked! If you haven’t heard of it, the fair is sponsored by Mother Earth News Magazine, my FAVORITE magazine hand’s down.  Please head over to visit because they have […]

(Anti?) Chicken Laws in Howard County

I have been chicken-dreaming lately and I finally decided I should look at the actual laws. People kept telling me you could not have chickens in Columbia and while I believed them, I wanted to do a bit of research for myself. So …<drumroll>…

The Right Way to Spend

We all know we should “buy American”, “shop local” and “support environmentally–friendly businesses”, but knowing what to do doesn’t make doing it easy. Easy is going to the local Big Box store and buying what you need at that moment without thinking too much about it. But then if you’re like me, you feel guilty […]

George the Snake

As I was working in my vegetable garden the other day, I found a new “friend.” His name is George, and he is a juvenile black rat snake. He was hiding under our gutter downspout, and after a quick meet and greet with the girls, he was returned to back to where we found him. […]