Born Free!

After my induction and intervention-laden birth with my first daughter, I knew I wanted something different and more natural for my next birth. When I became pregnant three years later, I looked into my choices. What I hated most from my first experience was the way I felt focused more on other people in the […]

Refuse A C-Section, Lose Your Baby?

I read an article in the Huffington Post which made me wonder about the repercussions of refusing a c-section. The article describes how a New Jersey woman’s refusal of a Cesarean Section began a series of events eventually resulting in the termination of her parental rights. While the woman’s baby was ultimately taken away because […]

Normal Is Not Normal

A story of intervention A first time mom chooses to give birth at a birth center. She is excited; she plans a natural birth in a quiet setting. Still pregnant ten days after her due date, an ultrasound checks on the well-being of the baby. As she sees her little one in utero, the technition […]

Did You Know?

In other cultures and in earlier times, birth was treated differently than it is today in the United States. Instead of being scared of the pain or possible complications, women looked at it as an exciting rite of passage. Women were prepared by other women in how to get their bodies ready for labor and […]

Should Intervention Be Routine?

Women spend a lot of time in pregnancy researching their baby’s development, the safest car seat, or names for their child. But how many research how their baby will enter the world? Most rely upon their doctors to provide them with the best advice. What women may not realize is that an obstetrician is trained […]