Great Cookie Debacle Part 3

I am not going to keep you in suspense. The order form wasn’t in Abby’s room either. Is there an evil Girl Scout Fairy who visited my house? I’m trying not to worry, but I know this means I have to walk Ari back to a few house and try to figure out some orders. […]

Girl Scout Cookie Debacle Part 2

I’m 99.5% sure the Girl Scout Cookie order form was NOT in Ari’s room. I know this because there is very little in Ari’s room right now. There is a small chance it is stuck in between something but I have little hope. Next, on to Abby’s room (she is notorious for taking stuff and […]

Girl Scout Cookie Debacle

This year I have TWO Girl Scouts, one a new Junior and the other a new Daisy. So of course, we’re selling Girl Scout Cookies; practically FORCING loved ones to buy them. Each girl has an order form and with our neighbors and fellow Girl Scouts L & B, we went door-to-door and took turns […]

Great Cookie Debacle Part 4

We finally gave in. Ari and I walked around to all of our neighbors who bought from us and asked what they had ordered. Everybody was very nice about it and the consensus is that we will find it any day now. We are still waiting on one order – our neighbor had a friend […]