Recycling Tires Is Fun?

While camping is an excellent green vacation, bringing small children along means you have to plan accordingly. The younger ones may not be as gung-ho about hiking, particularly since their short legs have to take more steps. They may not be able to climb craggy trails as well either and whitewater rafting is usually out. On our last camping trip, we visited the playground at Patapsco Valley State Park to entertain the kids. I’d heard how much fun the 2 acre recycled tire play area was but I had never had a chance to actually visit.


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Review of Lunchopolis lunchbox

As a self-proclaimed “green mom,” I knew I couldn’t let my daughter Ari start Kindergarten with a lunch packed in disposable containers. I set out to look for a lunch system that was safe and healthy for her and eco-friendly. I was really impressed with the Lunchopolis system when I saw it. Consisting of a 15 oz drink bottle and 4 containers (one large one medium, and two small containers), it fits perfectly into the insulated lunch box.


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Yard Sale!

As my girls and I were at the library today for a class, a friend of mine mentioned they were having a yard sale tomorrow. They invited us to stop by, and we agreed – anyone who knows me will tell you I can’t pass up a yard sale! I mentioned it to Chuck when I got home, and he thought we should join them!


Yard Sales are Green!

Yard sales are not only a great way to pass along usable stuff, they also can make you money. For a little investment you can make a great return (for us, it was $1.89 for some stickers, because we are out of any sort of scrap paper). So far, we’ve put together about six paper bags of toys, clothes, shoes, computer stuff and other odds n’ ends.


UPDATE: Our yard sale was a success! We managed to make about $75, get rid of some extraneous items, and enjoy time with friends and meet some new neighbors. What more could you ask for?

All of it could have sold! We did have a lot left over so there will be more yard sales in our future. Hopefully we can find others to join in because most successful yard sales have a large variety of items to sell. This time we didn’t have a lot of selection.

Did You Know?

Gills Onions, an onion processor located in Oxnard, California, has a green power system that is expected to produce 35 to 40 percent of the company’s electricity needs. This system will use the waste from the onions they produce to make onion juice which is high in sugars and a favorite of bacteria. The bacteria in turn emit methane gas, which runs the generators. The company also plans to meet their goal of zero-waste by 2011.

How Do I Reuse? Freecycle!

Many of us learned the three R’s in school – Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Some things are easy to reuse, like old clothes that become household rags. Other things are a bit harder to figure out how to use again. What do you do with the glass jar when the blender stops working? Freecycle it!


Freecycling is when a person gives unwanted items to another person for free. The items can range from extra screws to an unused hot tub, and each item freecycled frees up land fill space and keeps one more unnecessary item from being produced, which is a green practice. It is economical because it saves both the giver and the receiver money in the long run as well, the giver doesn’t have to make a trip to the dump or throw that one extra item away (over time saving money for trash pick either through fees or taxes).  The receiver does not need to buy the item new, and only spends money on the gas it took to go pick up the item. Continue reading “How Do I Reuse? Freecycle!”