Looking Through A Green Lens

Book Review of The Green Guide

Are my candles safe to burn? What should I look for and what should I avoid when renovating my home? Is there something better than paper or plastic? These are some questions that may come up in our daily lives. Ten years ago I never would have thought there might be toxic chemicals in my shampoo, but as I am learning each day I need to look at every aspect of my life to live more naturally. In The Green Guide I have finally found a book to answer many of my questions about earth-friendly, eco-conscious green living.


It isn’t often that I pick up an informational text book and read the entire book in two days. I usually draw them out over a few weeks and read novels when I need a break. Recently though, I picked up a book that kept my interest until I finished it. The Green Guide published by National Geographic, is designed as a comprehensive resource for everything green.

If like me, you have a difficult time explaining to some people why they should try to help the environment, go green and live more naturally this book is a boon. It describes why people should green their lives without sounding preachy or putting down their current lifestyles. This is the book I would to lend to people when they need some solid, in-print facts about the green movement from a trusted resource.

Organized clearly, finding a topic is easy just by using the chapter divisions and the index. Is a friend buying a new mattress for their child? You can look on page 254-5 to find out more about the problems associated with mattresses, the alternatives and even what you can do to lessen the impact of a conventional mattress should they need to go that route. Maybe a relative is in need of some tips to lower their electric bill. In that case you can let them read chapter 3 “Power Down, Appliances & Electronics”. This book is informative and to the point, easy to follow and explains how to green nearly every aspect of your life.

The Green Guide is wonderful to keep on your book shelf as a reference when you are buying a new product or have questions about aspects of your life. The research is done for you saving you time and perhaps money on a purchase or decision you regret later. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in living naturally and treading gently on our planet.

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  1. Green is good. And the increasingly people are asking for it. And now some folks are promoting green home audits, where you might hear about bamboo flooring, recycled glass tiles, organic cotton drapes, and different cleaning products. All fine things. But in homes, the heart of green comes down to the efficiency, safety, and durability of a home. As I like the say, the foundation of green is building science and its sibling energy-efficiency. A green audit must include a thorough look at the homes performance. This short video (http://greenhomesamerica.wordpress.com/2009/09/01/green-home-audit/) describes some of the fundamental things to look at.

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