But They’re Blue!

I’ve always thought there was something wrong with eating blue or purple colored food. I admit it. Eggplant? Ew.  Figs? Ick. Blueberries? No way. I was biased! I had my exceptions; grapes and plums were good, but they’re really dark red. All of that changed on Tuesday. If you read my post Tuesday, we went blueberry, raspberry and peach picking. I was excited about the raspberries and peaches, but I picked the blueberries because my Dad and Chuck love them. Then, it happened.


I actually tried a blueberry. My taste buds burst with the sweetness! It was delectable. I ate another and another. I could not believe how good they were. I was hooked! Now I know that I was wrong all along. Those tiny little berries that I have detested since I was small are really good, and good for you!  It seems those little blue berries, along with red and purple fruits, have anti-cancer properties as well as a whole host of other benefits. They are incredibly good for you. Of the 84 calories you consume by eating one cup of blueberries, only 4 calories are from fat, yet they have 4 grams of fiber (14 % DV), 24 % of your daily value of vitamin C and a whopping 36% of your daily value of vitamin K.


This is my plea: if you are like me and dislike foods for no apparent reason, try them, you may find you actually like them.

Review of Playaway Audiobooks


A new choice for audiobooks

A few weeks ago, the little ones and I were at the library and Ari picked up what looked like a videocassette box. I looked at the front and it had the title and cover of a book and said “Playaway” on it. Curious, I turned it over and it said “Playaway is the simplest way to listen to an audiobook on the go. Each Playaway comes pre-loaded with an audiobook, and batteries are included. Simply plug in earphones and enjoy. No cassettes or CD’s. No downloads. There’s nothing left to do but listen.”

Curious, Ari checked it out and we took it home. After we found a battery (our library doesn’t provide them, probably because they never get them back), we plugged in her earbuds and she started listening. She loved it. She said that it was way better than CDs or tapes because you never had to switch sides or change CDs. After that glowing recommendation, I thought I’d better try them myself. As an avid reader, I didn’t think I needed a new form of entertainment, but I found I love these! After everyone else is asleep in the house, I can listen to a book without disturbing anyone.

Libraries are already a “green” alternative to buying books – less paper is used and it is more economical for the reader. I believe that Playaways are even better for the environment than checking out books, tapes or CDs. I’m not sure of the longevity of a single Playaway, but short of lost copies of the audiobook, I believe they may last longer than the other three. Nothing will replace holding a book in your hand while you read, but Playaways are a wonderful option in many instances.


  • Easy to use
  • Requires nothing more than headphones and batteries to operate
  • No worries about scratching CDs or breaking tapes
  • More environmentally-friendly than books, tapes, or CDs


  • It is difficult to find a prior section in a book
  • 2 year olds (and others, I’m sure) can easily push buttons while you are listening and lose your place.