She’s Still Nursing?

At two and a half years old, Abby is still a nursling. I often get raised eyebrows and questions when people find out. Here are ten reasons my active toddler still nurses:

  1. She likes it!
  2. Breast milk is a healthy snack, available anywhere when I am with her
  3. Breastfeeding 2 years or more lowers your risk of breast cancer by 25%
  4. I do not need to worry about her nutritional intake
  5. It is comforting to her
  6. Breastfeeding gives us some Mommy and daughter snuggle time
  7. She never misses a meal
  8. It keeps her healthy by providing antibodies
  9. There are benefits science has yet to find out about
  10. She likes it!

My mother thinks I breastfeed still because I want more “baby time” (which is true) but it can be a pain more often than it is fun. Yes, she nurses while I write a post, talk on the phone, watch tv, try to go to sleep, grade papers, think, sleep, relax. Anytime I sit down, there is a fairly good chance Abby will run over and want to nurse. Mostly, I do it because I love her and want to provide her with the best. Right now, breastfeeding is best!

Review of Fabkins Cloth Napkins

I have used cloth napkins exclusively for over a year now. We started with napkins my mom gave me; lots of yellow, orange and green styles made of polyester. They are serviceable, but hardly the best-looking napkins especially since they are older than me (although hardly used in the last 20 – 30 years)! Still, they are much more eco-friendly than paper napkins, and since I throw them in with the towels and other kitchen laundry, it doesn’t really affect our water consumption to use them.


One of our cuter napkins, a vintage Vera Neumann pattern

All last year, I sent Ari to school with a cloth napkin in her lunch.She never complained about using her napkins; in fact some of her classmates liked them! I know she wasn’t crazy about the days I sent her in with some of the not so cute napkins, but she never said a negative word about them. Fast forward to this summer. I was looking through some of the blogs I follow and came across a giveaway for Fabkins cloth napkins for kids on Over Coffee: The Green Edition. I left a comment, and moved on to reading my next blog.

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Recycling Tires Is Fun?

While camping is an excellent green vacation, bringing small children along means you have to plan accordingly. The younger ones may not be as gung-ho about hiking, particularly since their short legs have to take more steps. They may not be able to climb craggy trails as well either and whitewater rafting is usually out. On our last camping trip, we visited the playground at Patapsco Valley State Park to entertain the kids. I’d heard how much fun the 2 acre recycled tire play area was but I had never had a chance to actually visit.


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Review of Lunchopolis lunchbox

As a self-proclaimed “green mom,” I knew I couldn’t let my daughter Ari start Kindergarten with a lunch packed in disposable containers. I set out to look for a lunch system that was safe and healthy for her and eco-friendly. I was really impressed with the Lunchopolis system when I saw it. Consisting of a 15 oz drink bottle and 4 containers (one large one medium, and two small containers), it fits perfectly into the insulated lunch box.


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Review of Wrap-N-Mat

I have been using the Wrap-N-Mat for three years now. I originally bought these because I wanted an environmentally-friendly alternative wrapper to baggies for sandwiches. A friend recommended these as a green substitute for ziploc bags and I ordered three. At the time, there were only a few fabric choices, so I ended up with three green Wrap-N-Mats.


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