Review of Kindhearted Women’s Comfort Cream

Kindhearted Woman is a company that makes natural body, hair and baby products. It is a company that I have purchased from for several years and have been very happy with both their products and service. All of their products are cruelty-free and many are organic. They are based in Connecticut and most of their products are hand made by the owner or her employees, or purchased from Fair Trade suppliers.

Comfort Cream is a rich, soft, white cream that reminds me in look and feel of the old cold cream your grandmother might have used. It has a light, fresh scent that is not overpowering. When applied to the skin, it feels silky and starts penetrating the skin immediately. It goes a long way, as I find I usually put on more than I need and have to moisturize another area with the excess. Because it is thicker than a lotion, it sits of the skin longer and it feels cool for longer. Continue reading “Review of Kindhearted Women’s Comfort Cream”

Review of Tropical Traditions Deodorant

When I began my quest for a natural deodorant, one suggestion I heard was to “try coconut oil.”  It was easier said than done – coconut oil is not always easy to work with. It is solid when the temperature is below 76 degrees, but quickly liquefies as it touches skin. After a few messy mornings, I decided to make life easier and ordered Tropical Traditions Lavender Roll-on Deodorant.

Tropical Traditions Lavender Deodorant

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Review of Tom’s of Maine orange-mango Toothpaste

Tom’s of Maine is a natural brand of toothpaste that has become “mainstream” after the company partnered with Colgate-Palmolive in 2006.   I first came across this brand when I was looking for something natural and non-minty.  This was before the era when toothpaste flavors diversified from peppermint and spearmint, so I was pleased to come across their orange-mango flavor.

When you first open the box, there is an insert about Tom’s of Maine, which I find slightly annoying.  It seems redundant to have additional information on paper that would then need to be recycled.  As you pull out the tube, you will notice that it is made of aluminum, not the typical plastic.  The company states they do this so the tubes can be recycled, and it helps retain the flavor. Continue reading “Review of Tom’s of Maine orange-mango Toothpaste”