Plastic-free and Low-plastic Products

Plastic-free July with Koofie's Natural Living photos of products

Plastic-free July is in full swing and for those of you looking to lower your plastic use, I’ve made a list of our nearly plastic-free and low-plastic products!

“Nearly plastic-free” products will generally only have a thin plastic film label, with no other plastic in the product packaging (or product!).

“Low plastic” products will have a glass container with a plastic top, or some other small use of plastic

Please also CONTACT US if you’re interested in other products in a low plastic or nearly plastic-free packaging; most of our products can be stored in different packaging. All of the plastic used in shipping has been re-used (except for tape) but we are happy to ship without the use of airbags or bubble wrap if you prefer.

Need $25 Million?

Two years ago today, the Virgin Earth Challenge was launched. With a prize of $25 million to any person or team that can design something feasible commercially to remove man-made greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere. The competion was thought up and finaced by the founder of Virgin Records and over 350 other companies under the Virgin brand, Sir Richard Branson. Branson stated,

“We all now know that something radical has got to be done to turn back the tide of global warming.  By launching the $25 million Virgin Earth Challenge, the largest ever science and technology prize to be offered in history, we want to encourage scientists and individuals from around the world to come up with a way of removing lethal carbon dioxide from the earth’s atmosphere.  By competing for this prize they will follow in the footsteps of many of history’s greatest inventors and innovators.  But in this case potentially save the planet. It is our hope and belief that the winner of The Virgin Earth Challenge will help to reverse the collision course our beautiful world is currently on.  They will not only make history but preserve history for many, many generations to come.

However, it is important to remember that there is a real possibility that no one will win this prize.  Governments, and their people, must continue to use every effort to radically reduce CO2 emissions.”

Do you think you have a idea that could win the prize? Email me with your plans and I will make sure they are submitted! If you would rather do the legwork yourself, visit the Virgin Earth Challenge website for all the details.