Site Review of EcoKids

EcoKids is a Canadian site for kids and teachers that gives information about the environment, recycling, and living more sustainably. The site is free for both kids and teachers, but to access the teacher resources you need to sign up. Visually interesting, the site isn’t a typical “go to this site and learn” educational website.  It is very colorful and some of the stories are told though comic strips, which is often a more engaging way for kids to read. Continue reading “Site Review of EcoKids”

Site Review of Best Green Blogs is a site dedicated to bringing together a listing of the best green and sustainable-themed blogs on one site. The site has many popular green blogs on their frontpage, as well as an editor’s picks section, and a Green Blog Map.

The site is a wonderful gateway to find some undiscovered green blogs and websites. My favorite part of the site is their editor’s picks. It is usually filled with interesting blogs that have not been up and running for long, or that are not popular yet. I have found some great writing and wonderful thoughts through this service.

I also really enjoy their Green Blog Map. Using this map, you can find green blogs written by people in your area, or another area of the world that you are interested in. By searching, I was able to find at least 4 new local blogs from my area that I plan to read.

If you plan to investigate “going green” or if you have a personal or commercial green blog, I would highly recommend that you check out

Carbon Footprint

Popular media has been talking about “carbon footprints” for the last few years, but what exactly is a carbon footprint? Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary defines it as “the negative impact that something (as a person or business) has on the environment ; specifically : the amount of carbon emitted by something during a given period.” A carbon footprint is simply a measurement of your impact on the Earth.

There are many carbon footprint calculators in the internet. I decided to try out a few to see what my carbon footprint was on different sites and compare the results. Here is a sampling: Continue reading “Carbon Footprint”