Customized for you!

I’m a unique individual (and I know you are too), which is one of the reasons I started Koofie’s Natural Living Botanicals. I wanted products that suited me, including deeply moisturizing body butter, baking soda-free deodorant, and Ageless facial serum. These are all products I made for myself and my family/friends before I started selling them. You may have different needs than I do, so I welcome the opportunity to try and help you find your perfect products! Perhaps you’re vegan, allergic to a specific ingredient, or sensitive to scents; I can help you create a product that fits your needs.

Other customization opportunities are the ability to craft your own scent for a product or make a product for your specific needs on  a larger scale. Are you having a wedding or baby shower and need small gifts for the guests? Maybe holidays or birthdays are difficult because you want to give unique gifts but don’t have time time or desire to make your own. We can do that, including designing customized labels!

If you’re interested in having Koofie’s Natural Living Botanicals help you, let us know!