Feeding Frenzy Worm Style

My worms love to eat. I can feed them every other day or once a week or less and they don’t care, as long as they still have food left to eat. To help people see how much they can eat, I decided to document what happened between feedings. I took pictures on two dates about 20 days apart.


Above is one of the worm trays just after I fed them


And here is the same bin twenty days later. The feeding in the interim (at 9 days into the 20 days) consisted of grapes, a few cherries and pits, two peach pits and corn cobs, which they love but take forever to totally break down. The egg carton was moved because I keep it on top under the bedding to help retain moisture. As you can see, they took ate most of the twenty day old food and a lot of the eleven day old food. If you put these items in your compost bin they would not be nearly as decomposed. Worms speed up the compost process so that you can have compost ready in six months or often less! Worms are an investment as they “pay you back” in a relatively short period of time. After your initial investment (for the worms and/or bin) they require little to no monetary upkeep and they start eating your scraps and making compost immediately! Unless you mention your “squirm of worms” to visitors most people won’t notice you have them at all either. They are an especially nice “pet” for apartment or townhouse dwellers, where you have little or no space for a compost bin.

Stay tuned for future vermicomposting information and check out my previous post if you missed it!

2 Replies to “Feeding Frenzy Worm Style”

  1. Eeew. This is totally gross. And totally AWESOME! I have always had a thing for worms. 🙂
    Adding you to my reader–I need some good “Go Greener” ideas!

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