First Snow!

Winter has started because we had our first snow today! I love winter and especially snow because it is equally fun to go outside to play in it and stay inside warm and cozy. The first snow almost always requires outdoors playtime as the flakes fall and the snow piles up. Snow provides a great way to have “green” play. Beyond outerwear, nothing is needed. Coats, hats gloves and mittens can be passed down or recycled from one kid to another since most children seem to grow out of them before they wear them out. Sleds are nice but optional. They are easily made (cardboard, plastic signs and other odds n’ ends work great) or obtained at a thrift shop or freecycle. Snowballs, forts and snowmen are very natural, and are returned to the Earth at the end of their life.


Since Ari was at Grandma’s house, Abby and I had some time for just the two of us to play. Last year Abby was just a bit to little to have fun when she was cold and wet, but this year was different. We went to the hill at the school nearby and took a few trips down the hill, and then built a snow lady. We shoveled the walks together, and then she came inside and crashed for a few hours. I cannot wait for the next snowfall!


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