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The other day, I stumbled upon Going Green DC, a website dedicated to helping people find the “green” side of DC. Being native to this area, I was very excited to see this site. It is a great resource for Washingtonians who want to live more eco-friendly.  Their latest post is about six green ways to travel around DC, including several methods I had not heard of!

Besides the informative blog posts, they have list of green businesses down their right sidebar. Here, you can quickly look up local green farmer’s markets, hotels, or restaurants, and much more. Need a green spa? They’ve got several listed to choose from.

Sometimes one of the hardest parts of trying to live sustainably is finding businesses to support that share your eco-friendly goals.  Using local websites and blogs such as Going Green DC makes the whole investigative process easier. I only wish every city and town had resources like this.

For a native or for someone new to the city, this site is a great source of “greenformation.” However, I did notice a deficit in the site. If you have lived in or around DC for awhile, you will find that you tend to have visitors who want to “see the sights.”  You may know all about how to be a green DC, but could you help your guests be green tourists? This site does have information that can be used by a tourist, but I think it would help by putting  a post or page together or linking to a green DC tourists guide. I for one would find it helpful when fr

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