Great Cookie Debacle Part 3

I am not going to keep you in suspense.

The order form wasn’t in Abby’s room either.

Is there an evil Girl Scout Fairy who visited my house? I’m trying not to worry, but I know this means I have to walk Ari back to a few house and try to figure out some orders. Ugh… Chuck will tell you I hate admitting it when I make a mistake. Please don’t ask for stories though.

The upside?

Abby’s room went from this:

To this:

3 Replies to “Great Cookie Debacle Part 3”

  1. uh oh! Izzy hasn’t had the option to get out there and sell cookies between dad being out of town, me having surgery, brother getting sick as all get-out and ending up in the ER. I’m going to just preorder a flat amount of each cookie and we’ll sell out of hand.

    I hope you find the list – it’s pretty discouraging for her to go through all that hard work to not remember every order placed.

    Room looks great, though!

  2. “…I hate admitting it when I make a mistake.”

    So do I. But I’m having trouble understanding how this was your mistake. Ari lost her order sheet? Ari gets to explain to the people why she’s back at their doorstep. (Yes, I know. I’m preaching to the choir).

    1. She did! I helped her, but she told them how she had lost the order form and she was really sorry but she wanted to make sure they got the right cookies. I stepped in when she floundered, like a good Mom 🙂

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