Have you heard of plastic-free July?

Plastic-free July is a global movement designed to bring awareness to single-use plastics and encourage consumers to think out of the box in their shopping and daily life. While it’s called “plastic-free”; the campaign encourages you to try to reduce single-use plastics for a day, a week, or the whole month. The best part is that it’s about trying your best rather than being perfect, so don’t hesitate because it feels daunting! The site linked above has a ton of ideas. Take your first steps toward lowering your reliance on single-used plastics today 🙂

Here at Koofie’s Natural Living, we’ve tried since the beginning to avoid the use of single-use plastics as much as possible. We package our goodies in glass if we can, and avoid plastics unless we cannot find an alternative. Because we are a small business, we can also work with you if you are trying to avoid plastic. For instance, we haven’t found an “easy-to-apply but doesn’t leak” alternative to our deodorant containers, but we are happy to package your deodorant in a tin or glass jar. We don’t do this regularly because most of our customers enjoy the easy application with a deodorant tube, but a jar or a tin is a great way to use deodorant if you don’t mind using your fingers to apply it (or get creative with utensils).

We encourage you to ask any of your local small businesses if they have alternatives to plastic available for packaging. Asking not only lets the business know you’re interested in avoiding plastics; it also starts a dialogue between you and the business 🙂

For a list of nearly plastic-free and-low plastic products available through Koofie’s Natural Living, please visit here and let us know if you have any great ideas for packaging. Also, if you’re interested in a larger, refill-size of any products we are happy to work with you!

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