Homeschooling Day 3: What’s Working and Needed Tweaks

Pshew. Day 3 done. Now its time to step back and see how it’s going, at least with Ari.

Here is my envisioned rhythm for our days and week (click to zoom in):

daily_weekly rhythm

Here is reality:

tie up teacher

Ok, just kidding. That’s not me or my kids; it’s a random picture from Google (which I linked to the picture in hopes someone won’t sue me).


Reality was some things worked and some didn’t. On Tuesday, Ari woke up early. Really early for her. This meant all the time I would have used to relax, or as on the rhythm, do yoga, I instead spent with her asking if we could start school yet. It was cute, but certainly unexpected. On the other hand, Abby didn’t wake up at all and we waited and waited and finally I gave in. Ari and I started school early only to hear “Mmmoooommmm” 5 minutes later.


Rest time isn’t happening. Ari, who loves to go read or hang out in ther room, says she hates being asked to  do a quiet time. Abby doesn’t even want to go upstairs despite being reminded that she can play with her trains or dolls. Both my kids left naps behind at about two and have bad memories of being forced to lay on cots for an hour during “rest time” at daycare, so I’m guessing it’s reminding them. Of course, that was my “plan dinner and maybe read something for a bit” time that I think I really need :/


Ari’s actual “schooling” is going well. In math we are reviewing and extending the basics and on Tuesday she had an “aha” moment when she realized she hadn’t ever learned multiplying double+ digit numbers… We’ve tried taking things down to basics and are using Cuisenaire rods and colored markers to understand some concepts. I’d love to take her back to learning the processes, but she is very hesitant, so maybe we will hold off until it becomes clear to her that the “baby” stuff is important.


Finally, the rhythm is nice to have. It gives me an idea about where we should be in the day and keeps me from getting sidetracked as I so often do. The rhythm is often said to be beneficial to children, but I think it help me as much or more than it does them.


If you check our rhythm, you will see that tomorrow is a fun day that includes a trip to the library and the farmer’s market. I’m not sure which one I like better!




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