How Local Is Your Salad?

This year I am growing my own vegetables, and tonight I finally got to taste the fruits of my labor.


Yes, the tiny green tomatoes are ripened, the lettuce and spinach were harvested, and you can even see a few bean sprouts in the bowl! The only thing I didn’t grow myself was the cucumber, which I bought from the produce stand two blocks away.

Local is good, but homegrown tastes even better!

5 Replies to “How Local Is Your Salad?”

  1. First of all thank you so much for commenting on my blog so I could find you.

    Second, that salad looks delicious, and I would sure be proud of growing my own food too!

    And last but not least- Your site is fantastic. I think there are some things I can learn from you. Going greener and greener is a process, and has been something I have been actively pursuing for some time now.


  2. That salad looks yummy and I am so jealous that you have a veggie garden, didn’t get to do it this year!

  3. Don’t you love it! I have started eating our summer squash and tomatos. Yum. I planted grapes 3 years ago and this is the first year they are coming in, I love it. Enjoy your salad! 😉

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