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  1. While you are trying to survive the day and earn your modest paycheck, those companies are spending millions of dollars on ad agencies, focus groups, and psychologists determining what message and ad campaign is most effective in grabbing your kid’s attention and implanting their message. And then they get to write the cost of it off their corporate taxes.

    The deck is stacked against us!

  2. Back to school is a billion dollar industry, its no wonder Ari picks up on it with all the marketing geared towards the pre-tween demographic… 🙂 ie miley for walmart. ‘Get the latest back to school looks for less at walmart.’ No matter how little tv she’s exposed to, she’ll pick it up somewhere. Seriously here it is 24 years later and I still want a trapper keeper. oooh and freaky freezies. oooh and those hot dogs with the cheese in the middle, and a pound puppy!

  3. I think the fact that you are now recognizing where your childs behavior is coming from, is the first step to stopping it. We have to be able to have some control over the constant stream of advertising that our kids are subjected to.

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