Juicy Red Tomatoes

They’re not tiny, and they’re no longer green. They’re finally ripe! Yes, my tomato season has begun. We have started harvesting and so far we have about 10 ready to eat. As of today, 3 Celebrity and 7 Roma tomatoes have been collected. You might have seen one in the salad; here are pictures of some of the others.


Ari, at six, is a long time tomato-lover. Just like me, she prefers them whole. The other day we took a “field trip” to a llama rescue farm, and for lunch she packed herself a tomato along with her sandwich.


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  1. I jokingly, but lovingly refer to our tiny backyard garden as “The Salsa Garden” because it is 75 percent tomatoes and 25 percent other-stuff-that-goes-into-salsa. The irony is that the Husband won’t eat tomatoes unless they are salsa or sauce or ketchup. I – like you and Ari – can just eat them right off the vine. YUM!

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