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Free-ranged chicken eggs are amazing. They will  take any dish to whole new level and provide you with nutrient-rich protein. Soy- , corn-, and GMO- free fed!

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Our chickens are the happiest poultry around! They’re fed soaked GMO-free and soy-free feed. They’re free-range and have an abundance of fields, woods, and even a gravel driveway to take a dustbath in!

Note: eggs are washed unless requested. We prefer our eggs unwashed; they stay fresh longer 🙂 Let us know if you agree and will will keep them au natural for you!

If eggs are on backorder status that just means our girls aren’t laying reliably (or enough to fulfill demand)! If you choose to order, you will receive the next dozen that are available! If we get more than a week behind, we will close eggs to orders until we are caught up.

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