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These perfume oils are amazing: the exotic scents are sure to spice up your date night but not overpower those you’re spending time with. Warm weather causes alcohol-based perfumes to dissipate quickly whereas oil-based perfumes can stand up to heat and humidity for up to 10 hours. Why else should you give perfume oils a try? For one, there is less waste. The perfume stays where you put it so you only need a dab from a roller on your pulse points, rather than a spray or more. Perfume oils leave less of a scent “trail” behind you, so those close can enjoy it but you don’t leave strangers commenting in your wake. Finally, perfume oils are less drying to your skin than alcohol scents, causing less irritation.

We have four unique scents, brought to you directly from Egypt. These are limited edition, as they are not easily obtained without a flight overseas.

Flower of Sakkara is a sweet, seductive scent reminiscent of honeysuckle.

Double Jasmine is a heavenly deep, lush, tropical scent you’re probably familiar with.

Lotus Flower is light, sweet, and airy; a floral-earthy scent that makes me think of flowers in the rain.

Papyrus Flower is woody and earthy with a hint of spice. It’s a light, dry scent that exudes elegance rather than straight sexy.

Perfume Oil Starter Kit includes all four perfume oils (while supplies last)

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Flower of Sakkara, Double Jasmine, Lotus Flower, Papyrus Flower, Perfume Oil Starter Kit


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