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$150.00/whole pig

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We are currently accepting pre-orders for January 2022 pork.

Our pork is the best you can find. They are raised in the forest; the hogs have access to up to 30 acres of land to forage. They’re also given a ration of GMO- and soy-free grain that’s been soaked for at least 12 hours, as well as minerals, kelp and fish meal for protein. The pigs are fed and checked on twice a day and love the head scratchings and pats they get. 

We have pork available for pre-order. Pork is $5.25/lb hanging weight**. If you’ve not bought meat in bulk before, here is how the process runs:

place a non-refundable* deposit of for the animal(s) you want –  $150 for a whole hog
shortly before their harvesting date, we will put you in contact with the processor to choose your cuts
soon after delivery to the processor, we will receive the hanging weight** of the animal and send you an invoice for the balance
the processor will contact you with a pickup date. It’s generally about 2-4 weeks after harvesting. You pick up your meat from the processor (Mt. Airy) and pay them for their services

*Deposits are non-refundable so we can provide you with the lowest cost possible associated with our amazing pork. If we are unable to provide you with your pig due to extenuating circumstances on our end, we will refund your money or apply it to our next available hog.

**What is hanging weight? It is the weight of the animal after the processor has started processing your meat but before the final cuts. It’s typically about 40% of the live weight, but it varies by each individual animal. Our hogs typically run about 150-225 lbs hanging weight, but can vary. We will let you know in advance if the pig is growing faster/slower than expected (butcher dates are locked in and sometimes can be hard to change).


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