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Introducing our Quarter Hog Bag! It’s a great way to try our pork while filling your freezer. The Quarter Hog Bag is filled with at least 28 lbs of meat (and usually more). It includes:

      • 1-2 smoked or fresh  ~3- 5 lb shoulder roasts
      • 2 packages  smoked bacon (~1 lb per package)
      • 4 packages bone-in pork chops (2  chops per bag)
      • 1 package spare ribs
      • Sausage (in ~1lb packs):
        • 6 rope –  mild/regular, sage, chorizo, or maple flavor (choose 2 or more flavors)
        • 6 loose –  mind/regular, sage, chorizo, or maple flavor (choose 2 or more flavors)

The Quarter Hog Bag is about the size of a standard reusable grocery bag and will fit in a home freezer (if your freezer is empty) or easily in a chest or upright freezer!

Our pork is raised in the woods and fed GMO-free and soy-free grains that are fermented before feeding, in addition to what they glean from their wooded home. Most of our pigs are born here on the farm and life their life in happy, piggy bliss, which includes lots of love and behind-the-ear scratching 🙂

We guarantee you will pay less than $9.25/lb with this bag and receive the best quality pork available! Cost of Quarter Hog Bag is $250 each


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