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What is better than bringing your own reusable bag to the store? Bringing a Chico bag, of course! Chico bags are reusable bags that fit into a tiny bag when not in use. They are perfect for keeping in your purse, pocket or car glovebox for shopping trips. Because it has an attached carabineer on the stuff sac, you can also hook it to another bag or belt loop if needed.


I love products that make your life easier and are green, therefore I love Chico Bags! I have used reusable bags for several years and while I love my old bags these is so much more convenient. I keep mine in my glovebox and grab it when I go into the store. It is much easier to remember than my other bags, which I keep in my trunk.

I own the Original Chico bag, which is made of polyester and holds about 25 pounds. Recently Chico came out with their RePETe bag. It is made of 99% recycled materials and claims “This bag is made from 7 plastic bottles!” on the bag. For a few dollars more, this bag is even more unique than the original and is a conversation-starter.

Chico bags also have two other bags, the Vita and a few Limited Edition bags. The Vita bag has longer straps and carries up to 40 lbs. I can see this bag being very useful at a farmer’s market or a festival where you might want a bag that is more comfortable to carry and has room for more purchases, The Limited Edition bags support an eco-friendly organization or are in celebration of green product or company. Currently, they have a Gorgeously Green bag in support of the book Gorgeously Green by Sophie Uliano.


• Bag is easy to use

• When not in use it stores in stuff sack

• Lightweight yet holds 25 lbs

• Different bag styles and colors

• Machine washable

• Economically priced

• Produced in a fair labor, fair wage factory


• RePETe bags are more expensive

2 Replies to “Review of Chico Bags”

  1. I think this idea is great, but not feasible when you’re feeding a family of 7. I love the idea for popping into to little stores for a couple of items; or when the nest is empty and a couple of those bags would work. However, I’d need a cart load of bags!

    I recycle my plastic bags as bathroom garbage liners! I hope that salvages my reputation:) Have a great day!

    1. I agree with you there! I have one Chico bag, one other small bag in a pouch, 4 hemp bags (which I also love, I’ve got to review those too) plus various other bags and still we sometimes use plastic because we don’t have enough. I’m not too worried because like you, I reuse them quite a bit. I do really like that these store in a little pouch so if you somehow ended up with 20 or 30 of them, you could only take out the ones you needed! They are much more convenient than the canvas bags to carry in.

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