Review of Lunchopolis lunchbox

As a self-proclaimed “green mom,” I knew I couldn’t let my daughter Ari start Kindergarten with a lunch packed in disposable containers. I set out to look for a lunch system that was safe and healthy for her and eco-friendly. I was really impressed with the Lunchopolis system when I saw it. Consisting of a 15 oz drink bottle and 4 containers (one large one medium, and two small containers), it fits perfectly into the insulated lunch box.


The whole lunch system is certified lead-free and the containers are dishwasher and microwave safe. They are #5 plastic and BPA-free. The lunch bag is machine washable, although I have not personally tried it. We have used our Lunchopolis for almost a year now and it has held up fairly well. The bag has a small tear inside and is dirty on the outside (I have hand washed it but I’m thinking I should throw it in the washer). One of the containers has broken on two corners but still seals and is usable. The inside of the drink containers tends to grow mold if it is not washed out right away, so I keep it in the refrigerator if it has liquid in it, and over the weekend I spray vinegar in the cap and leave it upside down for a few minutes and then I scrub it out and dry it for the next week.

My only concern for this school year is that I have decided to phase out all plastic food containers in my house, so at some point I will replace this set.


• Fits together neatly in the lunchbox

• Not “kiddish” so a older child or adult is comfortable using it

• Holds up for at least one school year

• Certified lead-free

• BPA-free


• Made of plastic

• Made in China

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