Review of Wrap-N-Mat

I have been using the Wrap-N-Mat for three years now. I originally bought these because I wanted an environmentally-friendly alternative wrapper to baggies for sandwiches. A friend recommended these as a green substitute for ziploc bags and I ordered three. At the time, there were only a few fabric choices, so I ended up with three green Wrap-N-Mats.


This advertisement for wrap-n-mats shows how they work. Notice the green color – it must have been their original choice!

I started using one of the Wrap-N-Mats right away. What I immediately loved about this product was that when it came time to eat, you unfold the wrapper instead of pulling the sandwich out of the bag. This was very important to me at the time because instead of mayo I was using ranch dressing. The dressing would drip out of the sides of the sandwich and with a typical baggie the condiment would get all over my hands before I even ate my lunch.
Once my daughter started taking her lunch to daycare, she was given her own wrap-n-mat and the teachers really liked the concept. When she unwrapped her sandwich, she was able to use the wrap-n-mat as a placemat and if they picked it up carefully when she was done, all of her crumbs stayed on the mat and didn’t get all over the table, making clean-up a breeze. It was at this time that I started sending other items in the wrap-n-mat if we didn’t pack a sandwich. It is great for holding a bunch of grapes or an apple.
Another great benefit of wrap-n-mats is that they protect your food if you need to put it down on a less-than clean surface. This means you can make or eat your sandwiches on old picnic tables, car hoods or even your lap when there is no other place (and yes, I have done all three). They wipe off easily and can be laid flat to dry. My only caution is don’t wash them in your washing machine or dryer! The first of my three wrap-n-mats got caught with the kitchen laundry and came out unusable- the fabric had shrunk.

Of the three wrap-n-mats I bought, two are still in working condition, and one of them is in almost as good shape as when I bought it!


  • Wrap is easy to use
  • Keeps food fresh
  • Provides a placemat for making or eating sandwich
  • Many fabric choices


  • Not machine washable
  • Cannot be heated up

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