Normal Is Not Normal

A story of intervention

A first time mom chooses to give birth at a birth center. She is excited; she plans a natural birth in a quiet setting. Still pregnant ten days after her due date, an ultrasound checks on the well-being of the baby. As she sees her little one in utero, the technition announces that there is too little amniotic fluid and she needs to be induced immediately. After a teary call to her midwife, she is told to go to the hospital at 12:30 pm.

Once there she is hooked up to Pitocin. There is nothing else that can be done, she must stay in the bed hooked up to the machine. Her water is broken and a fetal monitor is screwed into her baby’s head in utero. Hours pass and her contractions become excruciating. She is dilated only 4 centimeters and everyone is worried that she is not progressing. Pain relief is offered and she agrees to a shot of Stadol. After an hour, the pain has increased, the mother feels dizzy and she has not progressed beyond 4 centimeters. She talks with her midwife who suggests an epidural to give her some pain relief. The mother agrees. 8 hours after her induction started, the epidural takes effect and the mother is able to rest. An hour later and at 10 centimeters of dilation, the mother begins to push. Because she cannot feel anything below her waist, the baby is delivered using a vacuum and an episiotomy. Continue reading “Normal Is Not Normal”