She’s Still Nursing?

At two and a half years old, Abby is still a nursling. I often get raised eyebrows and questions when people find out. Here are ten reasons my active toddler still nurses:

  1. She likes it!
  2. Breast milk is a healthy snack, available anywhere when I am with her
  3. Breastfeeding 2 years or more lowers your risk of breast cancer by 25%
  4. I do not need to worry about her nutritional intake
  5. It is comforting to her
  6. Breastfeeding gives us some Mommy and daughter snuggle time
  7. She never misses a meal
  8. It keeps her healthy by providing antibodies
  9. There are benefits science has yet to find out about
  10. She likes it!

My mother thinks I breastfeed still because I want more “baby time” (which is true) but it can be a pain more often than it is fun. Yes, she nurses while I write a post, talk on the phone, watch tv, try to go to sleep, grade papers, think, sleep, relax. Anytime I sit down, there is a fairly good chance Abby will run over and want to nurse. Mostly, I do it because I love her and want to provide her with the best. Right now, breastfeeding is best!