Recycling Tires Is Fun?

While camping is an excellent green vacation, bringing small children along means you have to plan accordingly. The younger ones may not be as gung-ho about hiking, particularly since their short legs have to take more steps. They may not be able to climb craggy trails as well either and whitewater rafting is usually out. On our last camping trip, we visited the playground at Patapsco Valley State Park to entertain the kids. I’d heard how much fun the 2 acre recycled tire play area was but I had never had a chance to actually visit.


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Camping – the Green Vacation!

Vacation; the true meaning of summer. Usually my two months off are filled with a couple of four or five day getaways because staying home with two kids is work too. This summer the stars didn’t align for a vacation until recently. Mom invited us to go camping with her for a few days and I excitedly agreed.


Camping is generally the ultimate green vacation. Not only is it economical, but it uses very little energy beyond the gas for your car, wood for your fire and the energy used to make the products you bring. It gives you a chance to see what your life would be like if you changed your carbon footprint drastically. Continue reading “Camping – the Green Vacation!”