Looking Through A Green Lens

Book Review of The Green Guide

Are my candles safe to burn? What should I look for and what should I avoid when renovating my home? Is there something better than paper or plastic? These are some questions that may come up in our daily lives. Ten years ago I never would have thought there might be toxic chemicals in my shampoo, but as I am learning each day I need to look at every aspect of my life to live more naturally. In The Green Guide I have finally found a book to answer many of my questions about earth-friendly, eco-conscious green living.


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A Healthier Planet With Hemp

Hemp it an eco-friendly plant that is often equated with marijuana, but they are actually different plants. Although both are classified as Cannibis sativa, there are hundreds of different varieties. While Marijuana is grown for its THC content, industrial hemp is grown for other properties such as its fibers, seeds or oil. The US government does not differentiate between marijuana and industrial C. sativa although over 30 other industrialized countries do (such as Canada). Currently all hemp products sold in the USA are imported.


Hemp Tote

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