Spreading the Word

I often link my post to my personal Facebook page and since a lot of my co-workers are my “friends” on Facebook, we end up with some interesting lunch time conversations about going green or my newest post on natural living. IĀ  also frequently bring a container to bring compost home to my worms and admittedly I have asked others for their banana peels and fruit scraps, which sparks some friendly teasing of my dedication to my worms.

I was surprised the other morning when a co-worker handed me a bag marked “Worm Food” to me. She had some over-ripe bananas at her houseĀ  so she bagged them up for my worms, who love bananas!

I was so touched I took a picture for your enjoyment:


Name removed to protect the innocent helper

Thank you to all of my friends and family who support me in my green endeavors!