Are You Flushing Your Money Away?

flush money

Have you heard the toilet consumes more water than any other appliance in the home? The average person flushes away almost twenty gallons of fresh drinking water everyday. Prior to 1982, toilets used 5-7 gallons per flush (gpf). Through 1990, that number decreased to 3.5 gpf. Around 1994, the 1.6 gpf toilets became standard most of us are familiar with today. Although we have made great strides in toilet water usage, there is still room for improvement. Recently, some new toilets have become available which use even less water. High Efficiency Toilets, or HETs, use 1.28 gpf or less and feature a new design. Long gone are the days of having to flush the 1.6 version multiple times to clear the bowl. Continue reading “Are You Flushing Your Money Away?”