How Do I Reuse? Freecycle!

Many of us learned the three R’s in school – Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Some things are easy to reuse, like old clothes that become household rags. Other things are a bit harder to figure out how to use again. What do you do with the glass jar when the blender stops working? Freecycle it!


Freecycling is when a person gives unwanted items to another person for free. The items can range from extra screws to an unused hot tub, and each item freecycled frees up land fill space and keeps one more unnecessary item from being produced, which is a green practice. It is economical because it saves both the giver and the receiver money in the long run as well, the giver doesn’t have to make a trip to the dump or throw that one extra item away (over time saving money for trash pick either through fees or taxes).  The receiver does not need to buy the item new, and only spends money on the gas it took to go pick up the item. Continue reading “How Do I Reuse? Freecycle!”