Girl Scout Cookie Debacle Part 2

I’m 99.5% sure the Girl Scout Cookie order form was NOT in Ari’s room. I know this because there is very little in Ari’s room right now. There is a small chance it is stuck in between something but I have little hope. Next, on to Abby’s room (she is notorious for taking stuff and stashing it somewhere you wouldn’t think to look).

Ari’s room this morning:

And after 3.5 hours, here is what you would see now:

… and that’s because it is all here:

My plan is that when Ari comes home she can pick 150 things to keep and everything else will disappear somehow. Am I a mean Mom? I can’t see that she needs all of this stuff!

Girl Scout Cookie Debacle

This year I have TWO Girl Scouts, one a new Junior and the other a new Daisy. So of course, we’re selling Girl Scout Cookies; practically FORCING loved ones to buy them. Each girl has an order form and with our neighbors and fellow Girl Scouts L & B, we went door-to-door and took turns selling. It was great!

But it couldn’t last. Sometime between Monday 9/17 and Thursday 9/20, Ari’s order form went MISSING! I really thought a 9 year old could take care to put it on the counter where all of the other Cookie stuff was, but it is gone. We have retraced our steps to the point of talking though a TV-crime-show-type backtrack of events. Ari claims she put it on the counter near the microwave OR the stove 9/17. The next day (she thinks) she took it to another room and perused it while sitting on a beanbag chair and then returned it to the kitchen. She CLAIMS it never went upstairs to her room.

In the past two weeks I have moved lots of heavy furniture, swept in places that haven’t been swept since 2009, and even looked under the cabinets in the kitchen (IKEA cabinets with feet and removable baseboards). Not a clue has turned up.

Now for the plan. Tomorrow I will be home because Abby is STILL sick (temp currently 103.1) so it is my turn to stay home with her. I made a list of jobs for tomorrow. It is fairly short, but I’m hoping it will produce results:

To translate for those of you who aren’t teachers and therefore can’t read scribble, it says:

  • Clean out Tiggy’s litterbox (Tigger is the cat and it needs a scrub)
  • Clean out Ari’s room
  • Clean out Abby’s room
  • find stupid order form

By clean out I mean, remove everything and put it back in later. I don’t know how it will go, but if you’ve seen their rooms you can guess it can’t get worse. This is a new strategy in my war against scary rooms (and missing order forms).

Wish me luck!

and perhaps bring me a drink… or two.


Update: Ari’s room is cleaned out. No order form was found.