The Right Way to Spend

We all know we should “buy American”, “shop local” and “support environmentally–friendly businesses”, but knowing what to do doesn’t make doing it easy. Easy is going to the local Big Box store and buying what you need at that moment without thinking too much about it. But then if you’re like me, you feel guilty knowing there must have been a better product that supported local American jobs and did not use gallons of oil to transport.

Globe in a shopping cart

Finding the elusive local eco-business that makes the product you need is hard. Often these companies don’t have the budget to advertise all over and they rely on word-of-mouth to let people know their product and service is out there. So how do you find out about them? Continue reading “The Right Way to Spend”

How Local Is Your Salad?

This year I am growing my own vegetables, and tonight I finally got to taste the fruits of my labor.


Yes, the tiny green tomatoes are ripened, the lettuce and spinach were harvested, and you can even see a few bean sprouts in the bowl! The only thing I didn’t grow myself was the cucumber, which I bought from the produce stand two blocks away.

Local is good, but homegrown tastes even better!