Game Review of the EPA’s Recycle City

My daughter Ari discovered a game on the EPA’s website called Recycle City. She enjoyed it and learned in the process. The game starts with Dumptown, a municipality that sends all of its trash to the dump and it doesn’t look like a nice place to live. When City Hall is clicked, nine different recycling programs are available. Each program has a short description, the associated costs, and examples of how it has worked in different communities.


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Recycling SuperHero

How do you encourage kids to be eco-friendly? Teach them young! Our two year old daughter Abby just pulled a piece of used aluminum foil off of the counter and tried to put it in the recycling bin in the garage. She knew right where it belonged, but just needed help reaching it.

I told her she was a Recycling SuperHero, and she ran off to the other room to “tell” her Dad and get a high-five!