Spaghetti and Romas

What do you do with twenty ripe Roma tomatoes? Make sauce! Today I used my harvest to make a fresh tomato sauce for our spaghetti dinner. It took some time but the end result was superb!

First, I rinsed all of the tomatoes.


Next, I put 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil in a pan and sautéed onions (1/4 onion or more) and minced garlic (4-5 cloves) until they were browned.


As I sautéed, I also cut up the tomatoes. Once the onions and garlic were done, I added in the tomatoes, some basil, a pinch of oregano, parsley, a tad of salt and pepper.


I set it to simmer for 20 or 25 minutes,


and was added to pasta and served.


Compared to the store-bought sauces we’re accustomed to, this sauce was rich and flavorful and the taste of the fresh Roma tomatoes was evident in every bite. After this meal, I don’t know that we would be satisfied with sauce off the shelf again!

How Local Is Your Salad?

This year I am growing my own vegetables, and tonight I finally got to taste the fruits of my labor.


Yes, the tiny green tomatoes are ripened, the lettuce and spinach were harvested, and you can even see a few bean sprouts in the bowl! The only thing I didn’t grow myself was the cucumber, which I bought from the produce stand two blocks away.

Local is good, but homegrown tastes even better!