Spreading the Word

I often link my post to my personal Facebook page and since a lot of my co-workers are my “friends” on Facebook, we end up with some interesting lunch time conversations about going green or my newest post on natural living. IĀ  also frequently bring a container to bring compost home to my worms and admittedly I have asked others for their banana peels and fruit scraps, which sparks some friendly teasing of my dedication to my worms.

I was surprised the other morning when a co-worker handed me a bag marked “Worm Food” to me. She had some over-ripe bananas at her houseĀ  so she bagged them up for my worms, who love bananas!

I was so touched I took a picture for your enjoyment:


Name removed to protect the innocent helper

Thank you to all of my friends and family who support me in my green endeavors!

UPDATE: Feeding the Worms

I was asked how much the worms could actually eat in a week, so yesterday I took a few pictures when I fed the worms again. Before we start, worms eat food more quickly if it is chopped in small pieces. I used to blend up all of the food each week into “worm soup” and pour it into the bin. That worked very well, but cleaning the blender each time was not so fun, and making the soup used energy unnecessarily. I may start making worm soup again, but only on the weeks I have a lot of food with large pieces (like these last two weeks).

On to the update. You will remember the food we added last week:


This week, the bin looked like this: Continue reading “UPDATE: Feeding the Worms”