Tiny Green Tomatoes

This year, we started an organic vegetable (and fruit) garden.  One of the plants I was most excited about was tomatoes.  I haven’t grown tomatoes since I was very small, but I love to eat them!  We planted two large pots in May, and they are HUGE!  There are many tiny green tomatoes growing.

Roma Tomatoes

The tomatoes in the pictures are roma (oblong) and celebrity (round).  Roma tomatoes are good for canning and sauce, but I will attest that they taste great raw!  Celebrity tomatoes are more of an all-purpose hybrid.  They are supposed to be easy to grow, and so far, I would have to say that is true.

Celebrity Tomatoes

One of the best things about having fresh tomatoes is using them in a cold pasta salad.  Tomatoes, pasta, olive oil, garlic, basil, and a bit of parmesan cheese make for a tasty summer dish.  Mmmmmmmm!

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