A Tomato Mystery

A few days ago I came across a mystery in my garden. No one had stolen produced or nibbled on vines, but instead I had a tomato that wasn’t what it seemed…

Let me start from the beginning.

The most interesting new plant in my garden this year is the fuzzy peach tomato. I obtained the seeds through wintersown.org, a cool organization that promotes spreading seeds in winter and early spring. I was intrigued when I first received the seeds and googled them to find that these unique tomatoes are an heirloom variety. I planted 8 seeds and was rewarded with 8 healthy seedlings. As they grew, they proved to be the most hearty of my tomatoes and as summer began I found I had to give some away on Freecycle because I didn’t have room for them!

Months passed and I finally have some ripe tomatoes. Of my five varieties, two have ripened and my roma tomatoes have been slowly changing from red to green for what seems like two weeks now!

One of the ripe tomatoes was my fuzzy peaches, or so I thought. Forgetting the description of  ripe fizzy peach tomatoes as pink or peach-like, I picked two adorable yellow tomatoes. They were sweet and juicy; truly delectable. I cut the tomatoes up and let my family sample them. As one of my daughters asked if the tomatoes were really supposed to be yellow, I finally remembered the pink blush I was supposed to be looking for. Yikes! Had I been eating my little guys before they ripened?

Now I had a mystery on my hands. I poured over internet sites and looked for a yellow fuzzy tomato. There were a lot of possibilities. They could be fuzzy peach tomatoes, but I came across one website that described the tomatoes as oblong (although I couldn’t find any others that described it as such), but all described them as more than just yellow. After looking at pictures for awhile, I think they look a bit more like Garden Peach tomatoes. Another possibility is that it is a Wapsipinicon Peach tomato.  I guess only time will tell… of course this means I have to wait until they have been yellow for a while and not  eat them. Sigh.

I’ll update once some of my others have either ripened to a peach or I determine they are not changing colors! In the meantime, let me know if you have any idea of what variety of tomato I have on my hands!

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