UPDATE: Feeding the Worms

I was asked how much the worms could actually eat in a week, so yesterday I took a few pictures when I fed the worms again. Before we start, worms eat food more quickly if it is chopped in small pieces. I used to blend up all of the food each week into “worm soup” and pour it into the bin. That worked very well, but cleaning the blender each time was not so fun, and making the soup used energy unnecessarily. I may start making worm soup again, but only on the weeks I have a lot of food with large pieces (like these last two weeks).

On to the update. You will remember the food we added last week:


This week, the bin looked like this:


The lettuce was eaten, the corn had been nibbled on, and the tomato had gotten very mushy.


But where are the worms? Move the tomato and…



And the worms got some more food to munch on for this week.


On the menu this week was celery ends and leaves, two egg shells, an apple core and leaves from a houseplant. There were other scraps as well, but by the end of the week I couldn’t quite tell what they were!

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