Who We Are

Farmer Kelsi

Kelsi has been farming since 2015. She decided farming was the life for her after a decade of teaching middle school. No, it was NOT the kids that caused her to switch gears! She’s always loved the outdoors and years inside were not fulfilling to her. She’s building her dream job while apprenticing with Leah of Grazy Days Family Farm.

Eldest Daughter Eirian

Eirian enjoys “supervising”, preferably from inside the house. She’s in charge of anything artistic or creative and is a great help to the business.

Assistant Farmer Abby

Abby enjoys helping on the farm. She especially enjoys caring for baby animals and by driving vehicles. She’s not sure she wants to be a farmer when she is older. Despite her dyslexia, she’s thinking about becoming a writer!

Farm Dog Hammi

Hammi joined us in June of 2016 as a two year old. We believe he’s a Newfoundland/ Black Lab mix. He enjoys the wide open spaces and doing chores, but has been known to catch poultry and lick them beyond the point of comfort, so he is currently in training to become less “helpful” around the birds.