Wishing and hoping and thinking…

While some of you might be making New Year’s resolutions, I’m sitting here on my computer looking at items that I clearly cannot afford. Exhibit 1: Tesla Model S This car is going into production this summer and I am drooling over it. Seriously. I love the look of the car but even better, it is all electric. With the 85 kWh battery, it can travel 300 miles on one charge. Recharging usually takes a few hours overnight, but with access to a supercharger, the energy for 160 miles can be replaced in a half-hour.

Why am I not on “the list” to reserve one? Sticker shock! Although the Model S starts out at about $50,000 after $7,500 tax credit, this price is for a 40 kWh battery.  This battery only allows the car to travel 160 miles. Driving to/from work would be easy but it would not be enough to travel anywhere out of the area and we’d have to rely on another car. I’m pretty sure I would regret it in the long run. It is possible to swap out batteries, but they are pricey! If a new owner choose the same car with the only difference being the battery, the price difference between the 40 kWh and the 85 kWh battery is $20,000. No, I did not accidentally add an extra zero…

OK, so the Model S is just too expensive to be the electric car I want; what are the other options? Using the “Cars” tab at plugincars.com, I looked at the all-electric and plug-in hybrid options and I was sorely disappointed. Just looking at the all-electric options, there are few that are in production or near production. The two most sensible and easy-to-obtain options are the Nissan Leaf and the Ford Focus. Both are uninspiring (translation: boring) without the travel capability and power of the Model S (these two cars can travel approximately 100 miles per charge and I can’t imagine the time it takes to get from 0-60 mph). I think I’d rather have the $50,000 Model S.

All of this time in front of the screen has only served to make me want more what I cannot afford. Sigh.

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  1. Definitely drool-worthy! Someday, someday we will have more electric options. We have the science cd by They Might Be Giants in our car (so awesome) and I just love Electric Car … I sing along and fantasize and tell the kids, someday, someday …

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